IMG_0547Although loving the art of storytelling since a young child, Dody, aka. D.L. Marriott, didn’t start writing seriously until 2008. She started by taking a creative writing course and joining a writer’s group.

In early 2010 she had her first publishing success when a short essay was published in the Sun Magazine. A Bo Carter winner, her stories, essays, and poetry have since appeared in several publications.

In late 2010, she took part in a project with Chapter One in which 32 authors came together to write a novel in one month for charity. On her own she has published two novelettes, Finding Hope and Finding Life. Her first novel, Souljourner, was nominated for a Best First Novel Lovey Award. Her most recent novella titled “Christmas Carole” features Charles Dickens as a main character. She’s currently working on a new thriller, and is also considering taking a stab at a non-fiction book.

A married mother of three, she lives in Hartland, Wisconsin.


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